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He wondered who she was and speculated to his colleague, "She must be a TV person." After she graduated from Georgetown in 2004, Allison started working on Capitol Hill because she was interested in politics and wanted to make a difference.

And if you’re into media gossip, you’ll definitely know her as the girl loves to hate. Plus, no one else was looking out for her, least of all media companies. Recognition was a commodity as far as she was concerned, and she wanted to be paid more than per column for it.She has achieved a certain kind of micro-fame in the world of Web 2.0 that may be crossing over into the mainstream, but when we sat down to speak with her we wanted to know how it happened... Why not become your own publication, talent and publicity machine — all rolled into one?The final post from her on the shuttered Jakoband Julia site reads: “It’s always humbling to realize you’ve made an enormous mistake, but I know that, at the very least, my public relationship struggles in the last seven months made others feel less alone. She co-founded the lifecasting portal Non Society.com, where she regularly posts ideas, photos and other content arguably designed to keep her in the public eye.In a sense, all of this was designed to eventually get some big corporation to take notice, and pay her to do something. Julia insists she is a journalist despite the fact that most journalists don’t go around directly soliciting money from would-be advertisers.A potentially rewarding position as a FOX Business Channel contributor fell through, because producers saw how negatively her appearance was received by certain online commenters.

These days she broadcasts her inevitable rise in the media game on an almost 24/7 basis — tweeting, blogging, lip-synching (or "lip-dubbing" as she corrected me), vacations, boyfriends, business negotiations.I wrote a book about generating buzz, tried a couple dim publicity stunts of my own... But when it became readily apparent that producers did not care about furthering my career, I eventually quit the schtick, and went back to the mundane business of being a normal person.The truth is that it takes a certain kind of iron constitution to put yourself out there in the way that Julia Allison does... It seems that she possesses the former more than the latter.So she moved to New York and managed to land herself a gig writing a dating column for free subway newspaper paid horribly and she came to the shocking realization that a) journalists make lousy money, and b) it’s a profession with very little security.She decided, rightly we might add, that if she could become somewhat well-known, she would be better able to support herself... So she decided to start living her life online, and doing what she could to get noticed.She broadcasts them all, like a real-life version of Not everyone thinks her 24/7 lifecasting business model has a future, however.