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Monday night, millions of Americans, expectant and weary, settled in for the finale of “The Bachelorette,” to find out to whom Rachel Lindsay, the breezy Texan protagonist, would offer her final rose.

A couple of episodes earlier, when Peter met members of Rachel’s family, they had been reassured by his hesitance, which seemed like a sign of seriousness. Part of what had endeared her to fans was her practicality: Rachel wanted to get married. “I feel like he’s fighting it.”“The Bachelorette” is not a show that rewards Peter’s strain of seriousness, however valiant it might seem.Now, in the final week, Peter reiterated his reservations. It seems abundantly clear that, if he and Rachel had met outside of this champagne-filled petri dish, they would have continued their relationship and let it run its natural course, whether toward marriage or not.(The majority of “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” couples, unsurprisingly, break up within a few months of taping.)Rachel and Peter’s stupefying, protracted breakup, which dominated the finale, called attention to the perversity of this formula.It was the only story line of the night that showed emotion.The loves, exes and relationships of Mariah Carey, listed by most recent.

Over the years, Mariah Carey became almost as famous for her ex boyfriends as she was for her singing.

White responded to the outrage by reposting tweets from his loyal followers whose sentiments he apparently shared, but maybe he was too afraid to express.

In case anyone confused his “retweets” for his own thoughts, White repeatedly tweeted this disclaimer: But in reality the retweets must have equaled his opinion or he wouldn’t have taken the time to retweet them.

This is the show’s deep cynicism: the red roses and heartfelt professions are merely window dressing; the chase is to the ring—as material a goal as any other reality-show prize.

The viewers are romantics; the contestants are strategists.

Shortly thereafter he posted the wedding pics on his Twitter account and on Facebook.