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They are a great resource of people and information, and an opportunity to connect with others recently diagnosed and walking the same path.BW: Very simply: celebrate life and then step up to #Kicking Cancers Ass.BW: I think there is a still a misperception that prostate cancer is an older man’s disease; nothing could be further from the truth when statistics are reviewed.

Brett Wilson, in the first-ever Canadian reality-show cross-dating pairing. Mary Zilba of "The Real Housewives of Vancouver" went on a date with Brett Wilson, formerly of "Dragons' Den" and also known as W."I'm generating a 20, 25 percent return on my investment," he said, words guaranteed to lead to a second date."I guess when you're a billionaire, it must be pretty difficult to find a gift that's not from a company that you own part of," Mary said in an interview later. He then talked about his book, which, coincidentally, he brought a copy of to give to Mary.And awareness of the importance of the need for knowledge is increasing.

I take great exception to the recent recommendations that PSA testing be dispensed with — as I would be lying in a grave or sprinkled in the flowerbed now if I followed that narrow-minded retrogressive thinking.

He later graduated from the University of Calvary with an MBA in entrepreneurship and went to work as an investment banker with Mc Leod Young Weir Limited. Wilson is an advocate of strategic philanthropy and often takes a hands-on approach to his support tactics, including shaving his head to support Kids' Cancer Cure and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to support Alzheimer's philanthropy.

In 1991, he founded an investment banking advisory firm called Wilson Mackie & Co. All net worths are calculated by applying a proprietary algorithm.

Born July 1, 1957 in North Battleford, Saskatchewan, W.

Brett Wilson is a Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist who has a net worth of 0 million.

The two were set up on a date by matchmaker Jane Carstens (and "RHOV" compatriot Robin Reichman), and at their meeting in the "RHOV" season 2 finale, both parties studiously avoided saying the words "Dragons' Den." Mary referred to it as "a business show I watched on TV" and Brett coyly avoided mentioning it altogether by saying he was on a "couple of shows" and asking if she recognized him from Saskatchewan.