Updating whois

Please be aware that changes to your nameservers can take up to 24 hours before they take affect, so changes you make will not be immediate.Most registrars do not require you to enter in the IP addresses of your nameservers.

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Earlier, Updating owners included Gavin Bloemen of Redmode Limited in 2016, Gavin Blumen of Redmode Ltd.

in 2014 and Administrative E-Mail: of Registrant Company: Identity Protect Limited later that year and Registrant Company: Identity Protect Limited in 2012.

Remember the company from whom you bought the domain name?

Once enough results are gathered, we'll provide general feedback as to the accuracy of each of the geolocation providers.

If your Host Gator domain does not appear in this tool, it may be a Hostgator/e Nom domain requiring management via Registry Rocket.

That’s precisely where you go to change the contact information in the WHOIS database.You can do this either by creating a new contact and assign it accordingly or, if you know the existing contact ID, enter that instead. If a company, then the full, legally incorporated name). Under the CONTACT INFORMATION section, click on ON THIS PAGE 2. CA domains is handled by a system of individual contacts. Click on the WHOIS link for said domain You should be within your WHOIS INFORMATION page. Choose the section you'd like to assign the new contact to3. Assign existing CIRA contact to either Owner, Admin, or Tech by selecting one from the drop down menu3. Each contact is a unique 'entity' with information attached to it including the contact name, associated e-mail, phone, real name, etc.. CA domain, you must change what contact is assigned to the WHOIS record in question (Domain Owner, Administrative or Technical Contacts). Under the CONTACT INFORMATION section you can either create a new CIRA contact or assign an existing one to one of your domain contacts. A non-individual is not permitted to change their WHOIS privacy settings via their registrar and must contact CIRA directly.