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So for that, I am happy because she does have a super-duper tight pussy and this girl is extremely dirty minded. On my way out though, I ended up meeting a Filipina girl with nice big jiggly boobs that got me interested.Laiza and I have been chatting on webcam for quite awhile but this cute Filipina girl was more of a cock-tease than anything.She would get me so damn turned on and I couldn’t do anything about meeting her to do anything about it.Yes it’s true, I became a little lazy because of Laiza’s, Ann’s and Shiela’s daily pussy deliveries 🙂 So today, I decided to do some shopping in the big Mall close to my hotel.I was walking around buying food when I saw the girl of my dreams: A petite, korean-style girl in the same department store.You know, the one with the sexy petite body and tramp-stamp tat. I love skinny girls and especially ones with as pretty of a smile as hers.