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Like many people today the Romans had a deep respect for Greek sculptures and many were copied.This era dates from around 1550 BC to 1200 BC on the Greek mainland.Greek sculptures are mainly divided into 7 time periods - Mycenaean Art, Sub-Mycenaean or Dark Age, Proto-Geometric, Geometric Art, Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic.Mycenaean art is the first era in which we find surviving examples of Greek art.The Greeks learnt how to build gates and tombs (such as Agamemnon's tomb in the 'Bee-hive') and how to use different metals in art, using Mycenaean techniques.

Greek sculptures are very important as the vast majority of them tell us a story about Gods, Heroes, Events, Mythical Creatures and Greek culture in general.

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The Greeks at the time learnt a lot from the Mycenaeans, who where more technologically advanced.

Many of the statues that have survived are actually of Roman origin.

The famous Cyclopean Wall of Mycenae before the lion gate is a good example of their masonry skills.

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