Taylor kitsch dating advice

My mom painted portraits of our dogs and my childhood horse as gifts.The other paintings are vintage from flea markets and Instagram.

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On being a restaurant regular: We rarely cook because we’re so busy, and when we go out, we’re definitely creatures of habit. Once we’re there, eating chips, pretty much everything is right in the world.

There’s a Mexican restaurant, Chago’s, where we go at least once a week. On the joy of records: I prefer to listen to music on vinyl because it makes the whole experience more deliberate.

BEDROOM On good sleep: I can be on my computer until 1 a.m.

and then go straight to sleep, but Chris needs more winding down.

He sleeps with an eye mask and a Dohm sound machine that I’ve learned to love.

In my perfect world, our bed would be entirely white linen — super minimal and soft — but with our dogs, we steer clear of that. On sentimental decor: Chris and I met in college and dated on and off.

I shifted gears and tried to make what I thought that silhouette and style was.

Settee: Flea market find, upholstered in white canvas splatter painted by Elizabeth. Tree stump table: Made by Elizabeth’s grandfather from a tree on the family farm in North Carolina. On being a twenty-something entrepreneur: I turned 27 this week.

On the joy of small things: Art and furniture can be pricey, but you can find knick knacks on a budget and they can transform a living space. There was a running joke with a friend of ours, Roy, who was super protective of Chris, about whether I was Chris’s best friend or he was.

One time I bought Chris a triple cheeseburger meal from Wendy’s, trying to buy his best friendship!

Chris saved all the mementos from those early days and made this board for me.