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The short dudes who I see flock to taller ladies inspire me the most. Have you seen shorter men display the qualities above?

For men, having a woman taller than you can be intimidating, but when you exhibit the confidence that these gentlemen display, you can’t help but respectfully bow to their sense of self.

Now, what about medium height women dating short men? Just the other day, I saw what appeared to be a 5-5 woman with a 5-3 man.

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Confidence is (Really) Key: Any short person knows that the term “Napoleon complex” is always loaded up and ready to fire at will.

People expect those who aren’t tall to be combative, self-conscious, and even introverted.

As for feeling “protected,” I’d be curious to know who finds it easier to haul out the heavy garbage bags: That 5-6 man who naturally has much more testosterone than his very tall girlfriend, or…his very tall girlfriend of 6-4?

As a personal trainer, I will tell you right now that there is NO RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN HEIGHT AND MUSCULAR STRENGTH. In fact, it’s often the opposite; the short guys are usually the ones lifting butt-loads of weight. They are lanky and can barely bench press 135 pounds.

A few years ago, I wrote about women and their disdain for shorter gentleman.

Alas, in 2012, it seems that things are turning around for the small guys! Let me highlight some key ways in which these fellas are finding success with women: The Gift of Gab: Many of the shorter men that I know have exquisite elocution.

Although many see their height as a deficiency, I hold admiration for these gentlemen.

While they may lack in physical stature, they more than make up for it in other areas.

Think of an athlete that tears a shoulder or dislocates a bone. If you’re not tall you need to accept that fact and keep it pushing.

Usually, the doctors will have them strengthen the muscles around the damaged area to prevent further injury and to compensate for any other damage. You also have to accept the fact that people will have no problem pointing out to you the fact that you’re not tall.

Apparently, this very tall woman is seeing things from a relative standpoint.