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With two f-stop modes, the category-defining Dual Aperture adapts to bright light and super low light automatically, like the human eye.

But the fact remains that bootlegging is just that. E., Wal*Mart, Meijer, or another nationally known retail store, it's real.The manufacture of goods based on something you don't own the rights to. Even if you try at a garage sale, you run the risk of being caught. If it's at a mall kiosk, Chinatown, a hair/beauty store, outside, or at any shop where English is not spoken well, it's a fake. If you are shopping overseas, make sure you are at a regular chain store or book store. (Spider-Man, Hello Kitty, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, Pokemon, Yu- ~ You can make up as much fan art as you like.T-shirt transfer Fugly Outers and Chibi Moon keychain KEYSIGN Moon and Chibi Moon Keyrings 1 2 3 -Dinks and glue) as "art" but do not be fooled.They are 100% FAKES and are made with questionable materials, in a country known for not checking for things like lead and cadmium.Amazon, e Bay and Etsy are the worst offenders here. Dollar Stores, Thrift/re-sale shops, Pawn Stores, Comic Shops, Garage Sales, Swap Meets and outdoor sale places are also guilty of selling them. That dealer takes apart official merchandise to create their own. In 1996, The Amazoness Quartet each had one plush doll and one fashion doll. There are four prototype figures from Irwin toys of each of the four girls, but those are insanely hard to find and expensive beyond belief., Megahouse or GE Animation logos on the tag or box. Isn't it completely WEIRD that she tweeted me her attack just as I was updating this page, September 22, 2012? Oh sure, I bet you dropped a fortune at the local craft store.

And remember, you can always email me, I'll research it for you. Wanna bet how much lead, cadmium and other toxic materials you exposed yourself to? Wanna take a chance on needles in the stuffing or lead based paint? Parody or otherwise, it's just as wrong for me to do this as anyone else.

Might be a low risk, but not a chance worth taking. But the moment you start accepting money for it, you've crossed the line into bootlegging.

If you know someone who would use it, you can give it away for free, or you can just set it aside somewhere and save up for the real thing. Once you cross that line, this is no longer you making up "artwork", this is now you, openly scamming Sailormoon fans and robbing the show's creators of a payday. I'M the one in the right because this is my business and I gave my credit.

With the F1.5 aperture mode and multiframe noise reduction, the rear camera ensures the photos you take in the dark come out clear and bright, no fine-tuning required.

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Bootleggers have spent many years taking advantage of Sailormoon fans by selling fake merchandise. Sometimes, a bootlegged item can look convincing, and the details are done right.