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"I think it's important to use whatever influence we have to make a positive difference," he says. We've just got high audience numbers." So given they're pulling in the big numbers, are they looking forward to another 10 years on air?

"It's not about using celebrity because the irony of working with children's charities is that the kids have no idea who you are. "I'd be bloody surprised for a number of reasons," says Dallow, after a pause.

Mau and Dallow split in 2009 after a relationship of 19 years, 13 of them as a married couple.It's a partnership that's lasted longer than many marriages and, just like any couple, One News presenters Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie know a lot about each other – now.READ MORE: * The X-Files return is one of the most hotly-anticipated in TV history * Toni Street looks forward to brighter year after life-threatening health scare * Shortland Street alum Jacqueline Nairn in the director's chair "Such big shoes to fill. However, both Dallow and Petrie did have past experience to call on.Dallow, in particular, was a seasoned veteran of the TVNZ newsroom, having joined the network in 1993.Addison, now 12, was a toddler and Petrie had given birth to second daughter, Olivia, just five weeks before she started on One News.

Her youngest, Zac, almost 6, was born during her time on air."When I first started," she syas.A dust-up over pizza on election night nine years ago between TVNZ anchorman Simon Dallow and TV3's Duncan Garner, who was political editor at the time, resumed on Thursday night at the Joseph Parker bout, with Garner calling out the newscaster for a grudge match."C'mon mate, I've been asking you for years to get in the ring with me," Garner goaded. You'll be fighting an old man," 50-year-old Dallow demurred.It wasn't always that way, says Petrie, revealing there were no rehearsals for their on-air debut in January 2005."It just seems crazy now," she says."We'd never even sat down and read the news together." While neither was a news-reading novice, there was the added pressure that they were taking over from Judy Bailey, who, after 18 years in the role, had been dubbed the Mother of the Nation.Mau first declared their relationship publicly in November 2010 at a Queen of the Whole Universe drag pageant in Auckland.