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He goes to work late, comes back late, and basically can't get into the game. In addition to his road to success, however, I've basically been interested in one thing since he first transferred over to us, and that is getting his pretty lips around my cock.

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I think he's used to life throwing him curve balls.

So I mad him lube up my cock, and then I held his skinny ankles as I shove my cock inside of him.

I fucked him on the kitchen counter until his hole was red, swollen, and gaping.

I coulda busted inside him right then and there, it felt so good.

O., but I called a few informant type friends and figured out where he had gone.

He ended up about 5 hours out of town, which required a long drive and a motel stay.I didn't mind that too much, since I figured I'd at least get my dick wet from this little swamp rat. He was nervous as fuck when I put my hand on his shoulder and started rubbing my crotch, because it wasn't up until that point that he had figured out what the game is. And given his history life on the streets, he was pretty much compliant This guy had sucked a dick or two in his life in order to get a favor, that's for sure.He's such a little fella', I couldn't believe my cock even went into his mouth, but he gave it a good try, and his cock sucking wasn't too bad for a little straight boy.I could tell he hadn't sucked a lot of dick, but definitely enough to know his way around.No teeth, firm lips on the shaft, and he only choked and gagged a few times.But he will get the swing of that as well, I'm sure.