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Once you've calmed it down with a little rubbin it's like a swimin puppy, real affectionate and stuff.

=============================================================================== -----------------------------------(5) Script---------------------------------- =============================================================================== ___________ | | | a) Mr Zoo | |___________| Amy: So, hello everyone and welcome back to K-Chat. I mean well, it's a place in Vice City where things go on like interviews or things or other things like that. And I'm Amy Sheckenhausen, the best interviewer in Vice City and exclusive to K-Chat. Mr Zoo: Uh, doll, the name ain't Sheila, that's a Sheila's name. Mr Zoo: It means we've all got to start caring for one another like family. So let me get this straight, like my brother is a cockroach, and my dad is a pigeon and my mom is a fly. Mr Zoo: Well sort of genesticallistically speaking but your bang on love. Amy: No, I just split up with my boyfriend he didn't like me being on the radio. That's the Genestistic variation between homoerectus and spider monkeys. Mr Zoo: That you could literally speaking marry any animal you wanted and have kids unless your married already babe, you ain't married are ya? Mr Zoo: Well that's my point love, I mean, imagine if you'd been out dating a wolf or a cute little deer he'd protect you and stuff, urinate to keep out intruders but he wouldn't mind you being on the radio, wouldn't mind a bit. Mr Zoo: Wolves and deer's have no concept of jealousy of someone else's success. Experiences we could enjoy together include but are not limited to: Role Play, Fetish/Fantasy Indulgence, BDSM, Forced Experiences, Dinner Dates, Travel Companionship, Overnight/Weekend Visits, Private Shows, Two-Girl Calls, Four-Handed Body Rubs and Full Body Sensual Massage Yana. my name is rita: let me tell you a little bit about myself...

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November 30th 2002 v1.1 Finished up with all the way to BJ Smith's conversation.

Still got the Thor, Jez Torrent, Mandy and Michelle Carapadis bits of K-Chat to do! Only a few days till the script is complete in sections (though correctness in words and stuff will probably take a while longer) November 29th 2002 v1.0 Added a lot. Listed some stuff after that as filling spaces which people can send the bits into if they want! Made a few alterations to the original bit but not much.

Mr Zoo: Everything you learned in school was a lie babe, a lie!