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When the Soviet Union collapsed, some commentators rejoiced that now Russia was capitalist we had witnessed the “end of history”, and one Conservative theorist told us there would be eternal peace because “no two countries with a Mc Donalds ever go to war”.

Presumably Boris Johnson and Theresa May denounced these enthusiasts for the new regime as traitors, and at no point saw Putin as an ally, otherwise they would have to now shout in Parliament: “Some people, such as me, were such opponents of decency and democracy that we welcomed this brutal regime.

The act has reportedly been a source of deep anguish to Russian President Vladimir Putin, who responded by ending American adoptions of Russian children.

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Theresa May has already shown how robust she is in opposing Putin.Because after Putin’s opponent Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned, she rejected setting up an inquiry into who did it.And I can’t see any reason why we should suspect she was ever a supporter of Putin.I expect whenever Putin came round to her house, she said, “Hello, Mr Putin – I don’t care what my husband says, I think you should leave the Crimea alone and stop poisoning people and you look a right twat in your portraits, and please put your shirt on.For the time has come to set aside our setting aside of the Cold War mindset, as the only true friends are those who were friends with our enemies until the other day.

I hope that’s perfectly clear.” With similar consistency, the City of London has been resolute over the years, insisting that no matter how much money Putin’s oligarchs may have, their money isn’t welcome in an institution as ethically pure as the British banking system.

But that was different, because back then the Russians were kind poisoners , as they can be relied on to stand in determined opposition to the Russian menace.

This is why the Conservatives have taken £3m in donations from Russian oligarchs since 2010.

Because although his party took the money, I expect Boris taught Lubov Chernukhin a backhand slice that will usually cause the ball to go out and lose the point, causing humiliation for her and her evil oligarch friends.

This is how determined the Conservatives are – unlike Labour Party MPs, some of whom have even been paid to appear on Russia Today, the traitors.

Our property developers have robustly resisted the temptation to allow any oligarchs to buy hundreds of flats by any rivers, leaving them empty while they wait for the value to rise.