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ANSWER: First, it is important to recognize that belief in the Scriptures as God’s Word and the certain conviction that they do not lie to us come to an individual only when the Holy Spirit works in that person's heart as a result of faith in Jesus Christ created through the Gospel.

No amount of reasonable, historical arguments — however helpful they may be — will ultimately convince anyone of the truth of the scriptural writings.

Read More David Baird had three main reasons for attending BYU-Idaho: convenience, money, and ballroom dance.

And he was able to begin school just three weeks after returning home since the scholarship he was awarded prior to his mission had been deferred.Aaron says, “Having a scholarship has been an incredible blessing—not only for me, but my family as well.I understand the books of the Bible were used for basis of fact for the movie, “The Passion.” If so, were not they taken from the biblical author’s best recollections “decades” after the event?Even if these recollections were the “inspired” word of God, how then do we know for sure these biblical accounts were not “skewed” because of the author’s cultural/spiritual prejudices of his time or simply subject to error because of the length of time after the fact?Again, this is only guess work, so that we must be highly tentative regarding any conclusions that are drawn in this regard.

In Jewish tradition the age 30 was regarded as the time of maturity and the minimum age for public teaching.

We’re not a rich family, so every little bit helps.

I have other siblings in school, so I know that whatever my parents spend on me impacts the whole family.” “Having a scholarship has motivated me to go the extra mile, to try as hard as I can in all my classes.

Donate Online Roshana Jensen chose BYU-Idaho because of its strong LDS culture, its program offerings, and its reputation for being a good, smaller school.

But Roshana also found the university to be a big help in overcoming some of life’s problems.

It is possible, although not certain, that Titus and Timothy would have fulfilled this requirement.