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Boyfriend Grade: D Phoebe dated Kyle while Ross dated his ex-wife Whitney.The couple end up getting back together which left Ross and Phoebe angry and alone. Boyfriend Grade: D Tim was Monica’s sous chef that Phoebe was attracted to and started dating during season eight of Phoebe thinks he is a whiner and wants to ditch him, but Monica wants to fire him from the restaurant because he is not doing a good job.Regardless of this, the two try to give a relationship a shot.

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Phoebe also began to grow annoyed with him and ended their relationship.

Boyfriend Grade: F Overall, Parker was a nice guy and he and Phoebe dated very briefly during the eighth season of This relationship may have worked if Sergei knew how to speak English.

Vince ends things with Phoebe when he learns she is dating Jason too after they bump into one another at Central Perk.

Boyfriend Grade: B Ryan was Phoebe’s boyfriend who was in the Navy and whenever he returned to land the two would spend all their time together.

This leaves Phoebe crushed as she has always held a place in her heart for Duncan.

Boyfriend Grade: B Phoebe begins dating Gary during the fifth season of when she begins to impersonate a cop. I have spoken with many people who have actually finished all 230 episodes of the series that starred Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt Le Blanc, David Schwimmer, Courtney Cox, and Matthew Perry.Over the last few weeks, we here at TVOvermind thought it would be a fun idea to rank all the boyfriends and girlfriends the six main characters dated over the 10-year span of the comedy.This week we will take a closer look at the men that were a part of kooky Phoebe Buffay’s life.These men include her husband Mike, her first husband Duncan, and two men that were first a part of her twin sister Ursula’s life.Last week, we took a look at all the women from Ross Geller’s life.