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Andy Stitzer è un quarantenne con una vita traquilla e piuttosto serena; ha una bella casa, un lavoro, dei buoni amici, una collezione di fumetti e di action figures di cui va fiero.

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Director: Carter Ferguson Desperate to find the man of her dreams, sweet and plain Ava tries a last ditch effort, speed dating.But the absurd cast of characters she encounters makes her wonder if being single is not so bad after all.See full synopsis » Director: Jean-Marc Moutout Is living in the big city as impersonal and lonely as some say? See full summary » Director: Dree Andrea In a world where romance has been replaced by speed dating, is arranged marriage the hassle-free way of getting hitched in the new millennium? See full summary » Director: Emily Ting An overly dramatic church lady named Claire, who has a propensity for wearing to much cheap cologne owns and operates a popular speed dating service called "Love Is in the Air." She fills ... See full summary » Stars: Richard Goteri, Rachel Bellack, Rob Putansu, Michael Mili When Josh finally meets Katie, the girl of his dreams at a speed dating event, he knows that these five minutes could change more than just his evening. Paul Roll is a lovable nerd who's achieved everything he's set his mind to, except...he's never been successful at finding a man. See full summary » Director: William Clift Combining everything you love about shows like "Friends" and "Sex and the City" this refreshing, witty and sexy sitcom is not to be missed. See full summary » Stars: Boom, Myung-Soo Park, Kyeong-seok Seo, Phillip Choi Enteng Kabisote (Vic Sotto) wants to retire as the perennial hero of Engkantasya and have a normal life with his family without the magical elements. That's what's our protagonists try in their "quick dates" session.

From here, each one tries to do their best to know the ideal love.Director: Meghann Artes Attractive, educated and successful, Eloïse (Elsa Zylberstein) has it all, except for a long-term, stable romantic relationship.Now in her mid-30s, she can hear a certain clock ticking ... This charming documentary follows Annie, Leigh and Laurie, three ...- Will Ferrell/Steve Carell/Christina Applegate/Paul Rudd/David Koechner/Jackie Collins/Joan Collins/Frank Skinner/John Cleese/Terry Jones/Eric Idle/Michael Palin/Terry Gilliam/Michael Bublé (2013) ...Himself - Guest Theater is the most enriching and thrilling thing to do as an actor. People say, "You must love the instant feedback," and we're all attention whores for sure - that's why we choose this profession.“Steve decided the character would be a little more Buster Keaton-esque,” Apatow said.