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Satan seems to be having a “new fashion rout” through the use of their own mega Idols.

Finding a mega church without an American Idol running the show is as hard as trying to find Obama in a church. It’s not just that they put their pastors on pedestals.

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Here's what to expect from the American Idol live shows and finals.According to MJ's Big Blog, the American Idol live shows begin on .I can’t put all the blame on the pastors of these churches because they just carry out what the rest of the church wants and if they did not go with the popular agenda the congregation would find someone else that would.Like in politics, a constituency usually gets the leadership they deserve.Satan’s goal is to get people who identify with Christianity to doubt fundamental doctrines that uniquely define who a Christian is.

Satan then substitutes Christian doctrine with doctrines of demons in order to create counterfeits of the Christian religion.I get no joy out of telling people that much of what is being passed off as Christianity today is counterfeit.Those American Idols that are pushing modern heresies on people may think they are being opened minded but they really have become a willing door of Satanic deception.The following day, during a second, two-hour live show, American Idol viewers will be introduced to the top 10 contestants. At the end of the show, the winner will be revealed.The American Idol top 24 was revealed during the April 2, 2018 episode. The American Idol Season 16 top 14 contestants have not yet been confirmed but read on for spoilers on who will make it that far in the competition and get the full list here. ���� Thank you for the love & support, the journey continues tomorrow...Many churches are in competition for bragging rights about church size.