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‘Nick was so unpredictable, it kept us all on our toes.

Every day he would come on to the set and we would have no idea what to expect; he would suddenly do these crazy improvisations that would work so well they would end up in the movie.’German-born Diane, 31, who speaks English without a trace of an accent, has matured into an even more beautiful woman than she was in her 20s.

Orlando Bloom is back on the market after calling off his year-long relationship with Katy Perry, and the breakup has us reminiscing about all the other women that have romanced the actor over the years.

From his marriage to Miranda Kerr to the flings following his divorce, look back at Orlando's dating history here.

Diane, who has a younger brother, Stefan, studied ballet and hoped to become a professional dancer, but at the age of 13 she suffered an injury to her right knee joint, and needed to have two metal plates inserted (it still troubles her in damp weather or after skiing).

At that point she decided she would never make the grade to her own satisfaction and become a prima ballerina, so she gave up dance overnight, a reflection of her drive and ambition, even as a child.

I’ve always been drawn to classic shapes and styles rather than anything too modern and I avoid fashion that changes every season.‘I look at someone like Victoria Beckham and, although I would never choose the outfits she wears, I admire her for always appearing in the latest cutting-edge look; that takes a lot of thought and planning. I’m very lucky to get sent a lot of clothes, but I don’t have a stylist organising my wardrobe.’Fluent in French and English as well as German, Diane is justifiably proud of her modelling days, and cavils at the idea that she might be classed as just another wannabe Maw (model/actress/whatever).

Far from wandering off the catwalk one day and on to a movie set, after deciding she wanted to go into acting, she did it properly and at the age of 22 enrolled in the Cours Florent drama school in Paris, which counts Isabelle Adjani, Daniel Auteuil and The age of 30 is usually the point when leading ladies start to fret about younger, prettier starlets overtaking them. ‘Of course I look in the mirror and I only see the imperfections and the blemishes; then again so do all women.

Fate intervened in spectacular fashion when, two years later, she won an Elite modelling competition and left Germany for the ateliers of Paris.‘Looking back, I can hardly believe my mother let me go off aged 15, and I’m not sure I’d let a daughter of mine go abroad on her own at that age, but I was a good girl and the fact that my mother placed her trust in me made me grow up quite quickly, because I wanted to justify that trust.’At first it was all very bewildering.

Unable to speak French, Diane was nonetheless given a Metro map and dispatched to castings, where she struggled to understand what was going on.

But she soon became very much in demand internationally and, as a result, she knows many of the leading designers personally including Karl Lagerfeld who is a close friend: ‘Karl lives near me in St-Germain, so when I am going to a premiere and I need to borrow a dress, I just call him up.’Having worked with the best in the business, she has acquired both an appreciation of and passion for high-end fashion.

‘I adore Chanel, Valentino and Ferretti and I also really like Phillip Lim in the US.

Of Guillaume and the marriage, Kruger has very fond memories.