Online dating compatibility test

Orderliness determines responsibility and dependability. Emotional stability refers to how much anxiety or depression you are prone to.

Open-mindedness looks at imagination and independence. These determine a percentage rating of how similar you and your partner are.

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Upon completion of the test, you are given an email link to your results, which contain your compatibility score, along with recommendations for improving any weak areas in your relationship.

If you want, you can unsubscribe to the mailing list after taking the test to prevent future emails from the website.

You will answer five introductory questions regarding gender, length of relationship and your personal rating of the relationship.

You then will answer questions about your beliefs, personality, interactions with other people and other preferences.

Log in to the website and complete the assessment, which asks questions about your interests, dislikes, demographics and qualities you look for in a partner.

The test is verified by the American Psychological Association and measures 99 relationship factors.

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The higher the percentage ratings, the more compatible you and your partner are supposed to be.

The Facilitating Open Couple Communication, Understanding and Study test is used as a pre-marriage measure, usually for couples to be married in the Catholic church.

The questions reflect five categories -- extroversion, friendliness, orderliness, emotional stability and open-mindedness.