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Rage-cry later in the privacy of your bedroom while listening to The Smiths.

Census data reveal that the interracial marriage rate of black women (and mainly white men) has only modestly increased from 1% in 1970 to 4.1% in 2000.

Research also shows that black women are overwhelmingly excluded as interracial dating partners, with one study showing that white men excluded black women as dating options at 93 percent.

Mark smoked a lot of weed and had a brain like a sieve. Even the cute things that would have made good inside jokes were forgotten, like how autocorrect on his phone kept changing “goddammit” to “god donut,” so when Penny sent the donut emoji as an expletive he only ever thought she was hungry.

His crew qualified as popular since it included moderately popular soccer kids despite the rest of the squad being burnouts. It was the only thing Celeste knew how to “cook.” Penny thought back to the first day Mark talked to her after fifth period. Everybody knew he had “yellow fever.” His ex was this smoking-hot Vietnamese girl Audrey, whose dad was transferred to Germany with the air force, and in middle school he’d briefly dated Emily, who was half Thai.

Thing is, if Celeste had gone to Ranier High, she probably would have been friends with them. She was on “Oh, hey” status with a bunch of kids, but her closest school friend, Angie Salazar, transferred to Sojourner Truth High the summer before junior year, leaving Penny socially unmoored. If it carried on in this way, it would be toast before they hit the freeway. A fragile animal had no business being mounted in a fast-moving vehicle.

Still, Penny wished, not for the first time, that her mom would stop wearing crop tops. This one, a recent addition, had usurped plastic Hello Kitty when Kitty’s features got bleached off by the sun. You could hear them walking down the hall since the jangling crap attached to their book bags made such a racket. Not that Penny would admit what was really bothering her. Unleash the pyrokinetic abilities bequeathed to you upon birth, scorching the shopping mall with the fire of a trillion suns. Penny was almost out of this stifling town for good. “I asked you a question.” Madison sucked her teeth. If there were a subbasement level with a trapdoor below utter invisibility, Penny would have found a way to fall to it. Certainly not a fast-moving vehicle commandeered by her mother, who had no right to commandeer anything in the whole wide . The white male respondents in my study hold current and future leadership positions in society, with 42% possessing some college education, 30% a bachelor’s degree, and over 48% are middle class! Madison Chandler leaned in close, mouth smiling, beady eyes narrowed. At this stage of the game there was no need to be a hero. ” “Yeah, gross, nasty ‘Maddy’s Daddy,’ who, incidentally, is married!