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According to reports, it was no less than Peeples herself who revealed her participation in the upcoming season of the popular Freeform drama as she posted a photo of her on Twitter, showing her outside of her "The Fosters" dressing room.As the photo shows the name "Susan" plastered on the door, it is now believed that the former "Pretty Little Liars" actress breathes life into the said character.While Peeples revealed her inclusion in the series, nothing much is known what Susan's relevance in "The Fosters" season 5 is.

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“I think we could see more famous people come here over the next year or so.” Tony Robinson filmed in the cave last year for his Channel 4 show, Britain’s Ancient Tracks.It is currently closed – except for group bookings and the Herts Big Weekend – and reopens fully on Saturday, April 15.James said he is looking forward to a successful season ahead, adding: “We are also very excited by the possibility of being able to shed some more light on the origin and use of the cave as we have commissioned an expert on medieval religious carvings and graffiti to take another look at the cave and evidence to date.“We are expecting a report during the summer months and we have high hopes of solving some of the mysteries of the cave – watch this space.” Earlier tour times are new for this year with sessions at 2pm, 2.40pm, 3.20pm and 4pm. * Went to work at Newman Enterprises and began dating Neil.

* Started singing at Indigo after help from Pat Benetar.

* Told Neil that her mom died when she was 12 years old.

* Told Victoria that her mother died of a disease, and that she carries the gene, which is why she doesn't want to have children. * Divorced Neil after his affair with Tyra was exposed.

Cave manager James Robinson was delighted at the star’s arrival.

“Nia is very interested in the Templars, ley lines and the legends surrounding Mary Magdalene and she found the cave fascinating,” he said. She didn’t act like a famous star – she just seemed like everybody else.” Royston Cave – man-made, bell-shaped chamber – is decorated throughout with medieval style carvings, many of which remain a mystery.

Karen and Neil married, but it was short-lived as he had an affair with Tyra that caused Karen to leave him and file for divorce!