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“I'm pretty big into not being serious, seriously,” says Nick* from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.The majority of guys appreciate a girl with a good sense of humor, so making him laugh is a sure-fire way to keep him coming back for more.“Like me and a flirty friend talk and I'll say ‘Bite me,’ he says ‘Where?

Acting like the five-stage clinger is never cute, so it’s essential to establish the right balance between showing interest and acting coy.“Last week a guy asked me to go to a party with him,” says Summer*, a student at Auburn University.“I never sent him multiple texts before he responded.” “If it's a conversation, it's OK to text multiple times in one day.Usually once a day shows interest, but still isn’t clingy,” Liz says. If you know him from class and see him every day, it would be clingy to text him every day.I would just text him about funny and weird things going on during my day.

He's a hilarious guy, so we would always kind of be in competition to see who could send the funnier text or keep a joke going for the longest.” But being funny isn’t the only way to show him you’re interested.

“Send him a text like ‘Hey, I’m busy right now, but I’ll text you in a few hours.’” This lets him know that you two’s texting relationship isn’t the only thing going on in your life and puts you in control of who’s waiting on who to send the next text.

If he’s not responding, don’t keep texting him to see why he isn’t.

He told me I was nice and thought I had nicely groomed hair.

That was a happy day.” Although, these texts were sent as a prank, if the girl really had sent them, it definitely would’ve given her a leg up on the competition, right?

Occasionally using smiley faces or inserting his name into a text are subtle ways to let him know that you’re into him.