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My own personal experience has been that I can take one pill every other day or so to lower the uric acid levels to help prevent an onset of gout.I take Allopurinol daily but at times I think you need a little more help.- known as "the disease of kings and the king of diseases" - What is it? When the uric acid levels rise too high in the body it begins to precipitate out as needle like crystals in the joints. There is an old but effective treatment for gout and it is a drug called colchicine.

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Then I received a letter in the mail from Fed Ex telling me that the claim was rejected because of insufficient evidence. 2/9/2006 - Today I found a package hidden in the pile of scrap metal in front of my garage that Fed Ex said they had delivered 7 days ago. They say their policy is that their drivers place packages where they think it will be most secure. I gave the shipper the case number and Fed Ex FINALLY accepted the claim. I had carefully repacked it in another DRY box with extra packing material and the old box in a plastic bag.Use it for determining the inductance of coils and capacitance of capacitors. Also a great source for some fine free data books and manuals. But the Supreme Court declared it a vegetable in 1893 along with cucumbers, squashes, beans, and peas!You can measure very low values which is ideal for your RF projects. Check out the Navy Electronic Training Course and the Navy Grounding manual. This is a good question and answer site for other things including the tomato: Good friend, craftsman, machinist. See pictures of many of his retrofits and construction projects. You can get a code free Technician class license and talk to all your ham buddies on VHF and UHF. Communications Commission (FCC) Wireless Telecommunications Bureau - Universal Licensing System (ULS) - Renew your license FREE in minutes on line (vanity license renewal does require a fee), do license search, file modifications, address changes and vanity call applications. Resolution: They wouldn't take a claim from me but after talking with their customer service I insisted on something to prove I called them. When the shipper called them, they wouldn't take the claim!

) I endorsed the check and forwarded it to the shipper. This isn't the first time they have demonstrated their total lack of common sense. GI-7B Tube Sockets - I build these sockets for the Russian GI-7B.

That makes invar ideal for use as the threaded tuning rods in a duplexer!

It has been used in precision clocks and was also used in surveyer measuring tapes prior to electronic ranging instruments.

J-B Weld - Not only is J-B Weld a great product, they have customer service, real customer service!

I had occasion to contact them about something and they were very responsive. Jimmy Carter - Do you think he is a good man bound by his Christian beliefs and acting in the best interest of the United States and our allies?

Tried and true design that does work and that you CAN build. Weather station from - Rick, KC4HYM, has one of the WS-2310TWC units and likes it a lot. The sensor's are extremely expensive to replace making it cheaper to just buy another unit... Make taking the test easy by getting the VIS Flash Cards from