Msi updating bios file not found blackdating ru

" And so I disabled the BIOS boot function and restarted the computer because I was too scared to try to update bios after this error, anyone has any idea what this means or what I can do to update the bios without getting this??

I have an MSI H61M-E33 motherboard that I recently tried to update the BIOS on.

Yesterday I was flashing my BIOS from Version 5.2 to Version 6.0.

I downloaded the latest revision and was using my phone as a USB drive.I booted to Windows and clicked the utility, after the first steps completed, the system rebooted.When computer restarted...nothing came on the screen and just blank screen for long time and on the right side on screen bottom corner only letter like: A2 stayed for long long time.I waited for 15 minutes but nothing was happening except blank screen...This is what is supposed to be placed on the bootable USB stick. Can't Believe I'm Really Doing A Platform Test One More Time!

Unpacked from the zip file, then unpacked from the unzipped folder; In DOS Mode, just type E7677v60 at the prompt and hit ' Enter' keyboard key. The system will restart itself during the process about three times before it is safe to remove the stick. Z97 Gaming 7, 4790k, Zalman CNPS9900Max-R, Corsair AX-850, Corsair Dominator Platinum 2800's, WD 600 SATA III V.

Try to copy it from the folder to the root, and make sure the stick is fat16/fat32 formatted. Raptor, Lite-On i HAS 424, GTX 680's In SLI, Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Champion, Win 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Ok. Maybe you could tell me which files (the best with file names) I need to copy to the root of USB stick? And is there difference to put USB into front (Computer Case USB) or in rear USB port?

I have done all that I explained in first post (From Windows XP 32bit).

After second start, I have a message: BIOS Updating ________________ File not found.

I have tried to shutdown, put my usb stick in rear ports, but it make nothing.

Hi, I tried to update the bios MSI H61M-E33(B3) from 10. After rebooting, i got the message "BIOS Update: ...