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Any idea why video would look fine but sound is absent during playback?I've heard on a number of occasions that you can record live tv but not playback tv, I proved that wrong but the absence of sound kind of puts a damper on it.I have two Comcast Motorola 3416 DVRs (one is the DCT and the other is the DCH) and the DCT exhibits the same behavior you're reporting.

Does anyone here have a clue of how to accomplish this task successfully?

I've been using my Sony Handycam hooked up via RCA and the video suffers because of it, I want high quality video and audio recorded to my PC. if the source doesn't have DRM/Encryption/Broadcast Flag/CGMS.

A possible solution for you would be to use, YOU GUESSED IT, your ANALOG connections: Component (Y-Pb-Pr), S-Video or Composite. Because they don't have a "pathway security-checking conversation". Yes, they may have macrovision; yes, they may have VEIL encoding; any of which might be construed by your receiving device as a command to disallow recording, but then again, IT MAY NOT.

And, while I'm not specifically making any particular suggestions one way or the other , there are devices that remove macrovision (via TBC VI blanking) and there are devices that allow capping HD via analog Component.

I have browsed many outdated forums about this topic and have not had much luck.

I installed Cap DVHS and attempted to use this to record video from my DVR.

Not a perfect world, but better than nothing and better than Std Def composite like your Handicam. I have an update: Last night I decided to try recording again from my DVR to PC via firewire.

If you want to learn more about your box, just Google "Motorola DCH-3416" and "hack". This time I tried a different firewire port on my PC. I was able to record live HDTV and it looked great and sounded great on the PC.

Live capture still works as it always did." I had done some extensive testing with this.

What I found is certain channels when recording live will show no data in Cap DVHS such as HDNet, G4TV and a handful of others.

and mirror everything you (want to) watch, while it's live.