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Mrs Cherry grew increasingly suspicious about her husband's relationship with Miss Deng.

The report added: "Mrs Cherry recalls discovering a cache of photographs her husband had taken of Miss Deng in coquettish poses in his hotel room in Guanzhou."Mr Cherry admitted that he had become infatuated with her and that once they were in Los Angeles, Miss Deng started "making recommendations" about his diet and wardrobe.

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He started an acting career with an appearance on a couple of episodes of Blue's Clues.

Cherry has since appeared as Nick Daley in Night at the Museum and its first sequel, and also as Travers Mc Lain in Desperate Housewives. He also appeared on the short-lived FOX-produced series Head Cases.

The newspaper claimed that she had rewarded an American woman who helped her to get out of China by running off with her 53-year-old husband.

Miss Deng, then 21, subsequently married the man but four months later he allegedly told her to leave on the grounds that she was seeing another man less than half his age.

Cherry portrayed Stanley Wolcott, a blind boy whose mother was murdered by an OCD-afflicted serial killer.

He appeared in the Season Four episode The Big Wheel.

Mrs Cherry, whose husband was building a factory in China, agreed to teach Miss Deng English.

When Mrs Cherry went back to the United States her husband stayed in China and soon after, he told her that Miss Deng wanted to go to America to study there.

Wendi Deng Murdoch grew up in a small town in China as the daughter of two engineers who hoped she'd become a doctor.

Today, Murdoch, 49, is a powerful businesswoman with a varied career.

She was a "good student" and "champion volley ball player" who enrolled at Guangzhou medical college at the age of 16.