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Many more relocated after being bought out by the bigwigs over at the oil plant next door. Nobody here but me,” Sims said from her kitchen table in Standard Heights, an African American neighborhood along the fence line of Exxon Mobil’s colossal Baton Rouge plant and refinery, the 11th largest oil complex in the world.For a long time Sims said she paid little mind to the stench that would often waft into her home from across the fence.A couple years back, Sims said she noticed sores on her feet that wouldn’t heal.Her doctors couldn’t figure out exactly what caused them.She was comfortable in her modest but sturdy little house and was happy enough to have a place to call her own. She chalked up persistent sinus infections to bad allergies.

And she even looked past the soft sheet of grime that she’d wake to find blanketing her car on many mornings.Most of these small towns are poor and black and nearly all are a stone's throw from the petrochemical processing facilities that dot the region.There have been so many cases of cancer, so much inexplicable illness and death, that the corridor has become known as Cancer Alley, an 85-mile stretch between Baton Rouge and New Orleans that is home to more than 150 plants and refineries.Some have died of cancer or other mysterious illnesses.Others packed up and moved when the air got too thick or too nasty for their little ones to handle.Studies conducted in Louisiana and throughout the country show that the poor and, in particular, poor African Americans, are more likely to live near industrial plants and are exposed to toxic pollutants at a rate much higher than more affluent whites.