I am dating a rock star dating in the dark restaurant

He definitely wasn’t as one-dimensionally dark as the Stone characterization.

But he was an alcoholic and probably borderline or bi-polar. What makes young girls especially vulnerable to such relationships?

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I believe most of us are programmed for him, especially if we are inexperienced in love and look to stories, movie and music for guidance on relationships and someone to direct all our feelings and emotions towards.

I don’t know anyone whose parents sat them down and said “this is what a healthy relationship looks like” (most of our parents didn’t even have such relationships themselves).

As a fan of your writing and first book I just want to say thank you for re-visiting the story and being willing to share such deeply personal memories.

The first seems to be about Jim Morrison while this one is more of your story.

Many fans don’t want to believe that he was mentally unstable or a troubled man (especially as portrayed by Oliver Stone) so they look to biographies to find a more human side of someone who is collectively worshiped by many.

Judy: Jim was usually on the edge and sometimes unbalanced, not always.Judy: That’s so true and so unconscious — we rarely know what we’re doing.My dad was a singer from the Big Band era; he was originally in a group with Frank Sinatra. My parents separated when I was 14 and it was full steam ahead from there. Once you got to know him was he anything like your dad?That is a very good point; we do literally open ourselves up! He was more like the model of counterculture expectations that lasted through the seventies.Do you think the prevalence of ‘free love’ is the reason why Pam Courson (Jim’s official girlfriend) was willing to tolerate Jim’s numerous dalliances?Judy: Some girls might not have the programming — the healthier ones.