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All was fine all the way I stopped using endep the last week of last month. This pill is not reactive but instead proactive, it does not just mask symptoms but truly stops headaches in their tracks. ""As a pensioner golfer, I had to reduce my rounds (from 5/wk to 2/wk) because of early morning sciatica. If I would feel my old self I wouldn’t mind for the dry mouth and weight gain.

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I also agree to receive emails from Medicine Net and I understand that I may opt out of Medicine Net subscriptions at any time.See which first aid items to pack in your purse or car.I was prescbed amitriptyline December 2016 and this drug happened to be a life saver. Would highly recommend Amitriphtyline for vulvodynia .""anitriptyline changed my life!I increased the dose from 25mg till as high as 125mg, at this point I felt very good with myself, my life was blissful. This drug has really worked for me.""Amitriptyline was the best thing for my pain . I had been dealing with severe, consistent cluster headaches upon waking about 4-5 days a week, dating all the way back to my middle school years.From the area I come from people will term this unresolved issue spiritual.

I went from church to churches still no result until I went for a proper medical check up when all test results came out negative. This medication saved my life after 5 months of 3 doctors,1 dermatogist & 3 gynos to figure out what was causing this pain .I take Axit for my PTSD and OCD, plus norflex for my grinding teeth at night.I've had insomnia since I was a kid and refuse to take sleeping pills again.""Hello I've been on probably every SSRI except prozac which all had a short lived outcomes.After sometime my doc started to help me taper off it. I started at 10mg, gradually moved up over time & am currently at 25mg.I gradually tapered off the same way I increased using it. I will still get the occasional headache here & there (few times a month), but they are now quickly handled with OTC pain relievers.The cause of injury may be obvious, such as jumping from a height or a heavy object falling and landing on the foot, or it may develop gradually over time, such as the result of the constant stress of walking or running.