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In 2001 Beauvais was voted as one of the 10 most attractive women in the world by the readers of the Black Men Magazine.

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Beauvais will guest star in another installment as Lana Langer, the mother of a star basketball player who is having...Read Full Story Mike Nilon supposedly cheated on his actress wife Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, and now his whole company knows -- thanks to an angry email she sent to his coworkers recently.The USA drama has cast Last Resort's Autumn Reeser and Franklin and Bash's Garcelle Beauvais in guest star roles for the upcoming third season.Reeser will play a rival of John Stamos' new sports/entertainment agent who is determined to sign TK (Mehcad Brooks) to her agency.He's a big Hollywood agent at CAA, and now all his dirty laundry has been aired.

He's rumored to have had a 5-year affair with a woman in Chicago. Read Full Story Garcelle Beauvais (Photo by Photo Agency); Jamie Foxx (Photo by Getty Images)Garcelle Beauvais went on the Wendy Williams show earlier this week and unwittingly broke the news that Oscar-winning actor Jamie Foxx has a new baby.

Unfortunately they divorced after Garcelle found out about the five-year extramarital affair by Nilon.

Beauvais in one sentence – Garcelle is a talented actress and a beautiful woman that ages like wine; the older she is the more attractive, sensual and feminine she becomes.

In addition, she has an adult son, Oliver Saunders, 26, from her first marriage.

She admitted that her second time around as an older mother has had some advantages. “I think I do a lot more quality time with them because I can.”Being a firm believer in “family first” has not derailed her career in the least. Beauvais, who started her career as a successful model, actually gravitated towards acting after having her son Oliver and “not wanting to raise him in New York.” Although acting seems like a natural progression from modeling today, back in the 1980s, that was very much not the case.“When I started in the industry as an actor, people thought, ‘Models — can they walk and talk at the same time? “It’s okay now to have both worlds come together.”Beauvais’s successful 30-plus-year acting career has included such memorable roles as Fancy, Jamie Foxx’s co-worker/dream girl in “The Jamie Foxx Show” and Valerie Heywood, the assistant district attorney and love interest of Henry Simmons’ Det.

Beauvais is known for her role as Assistant District Attorney Valerie Heywood in the TV program NYPD Blue and Francesca Monroe on The Jamie Foxx Show.