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OK, here's a song you might remember with slight humour, or had managed to dispel to the nether regions of your mental library.The song in question, if you hadn't guessed from the one line given in the title of this blog entry, is "Feel It" by The Tamperer featuring Maya.

I'd love to meet you, and finally tell you that "buying this record did not make my life better" (Tamperer (in)famously released a record by the title 'Buying This Record Will Make Your Life Better', which for many people, it didn't).

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When it didn't, he obviously shouted "tish and fipsy!

", knocked the B & Q employee to the floor and ran away, determined to finish his anthem for the late 1990s.

"In that case, sir, may I suggest an alternative to a chimney for dumping on top of someone?

Our doors are very sturdy, we have lots of doors in stock..." You can just imagine the Tamperer standing in his local B & Q, questioning whether 'door' would fit into the line.

I mean, in the context of the song, putting a chimney on someone is meant as an act of revenge (I think) but think about the practicalities of this - the effort involved in transporting the chimney to the location where your potential victim is, not to mention buying the damn thing.

I imagine purchasing a chimney is a tad more difficult than popping to the Co-op to get some milk.

and I'm not talking about sugar-free carbonated soft drinks.

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"Hello, I'd like to purchase a chimney please" you'd say to the hapless Saturday morning B & Q employee.