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Marital Status: Most paternity actions involve a child born out of wedlock.

Custody: Custody of a child can either be awarded to the Father or the Mother in Paternity actions, depending on the facts.Mothers receive custody more often but Fathers are being awarded custody under certain circumstances.If this happens repeatedly, use the LIVE CHAT feature to let us know. DNA testing methods include SWAB Test and DNA Genetic Identity.The resulting child support and custody proceedings are also involved.

Children born to unwed persons do not automatically have a legal Father without a Paternity action establishing the identity of the Father, whether agreed or contested.We limit session time to 30 minutes for your security and to free up unused registration slots for others. You have lost your session or your browser has failed to retain the event you were looking at.Something really strange has happened with your browser. The good news is that this can usually be fixed by returning you to the event and having you begin the process again. If this happens repeatedly, use the LIVE CHAT feature to let us know. You will be returned to the home page to begin again.Benefits: Establishing Paternity allows the child to be covered by health insurance, social security, inheritance and veteran's benefits.Public Assistance: Paternity also means the parties can seek public assistance where they qualify. View All Ohio Paternity Forms Paternity Law, Information and FAQ Introduction: Paternity is defined as the quality or state of being a Father.