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He wanted to work endless hours, have a wife without children, hang with 30-year olds.In six weeks I went from that lady at dinner parties with an adoring husband whispering, “You are the most beautiful woman in the room” to single mom-dom.

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That's difficult to describe my personality in a few words.I am cute and smart, jolly and life loving, kind and honest, sometimes calm, sometimes very naughty. As I work in a Am humble I always wants to have new friends, I don't like a liar or selfish peoples!I hope that here I will meet my beloved man and fall in love with her! After 20 years of happily ever after, my husband awoke one morning in our Paris apartment a changed man, a man in a midlife crisis. We already had two kids and I was the other side of 40.J'habite à Aix en Provence et je cherche un homme très sérieux avec bien humour pour vie future Je suis très simpatique avec bien humour Je cherche un homme très sérieux pour vie belle future Je suis une femme sympa aimable tendre respecteuse douce serieuse sans prise de tête je cherche du serieux J'aime la campagne, la nature, la lecture, fais du cheval, fais du shopping, fais la cuisine Je cherche un homme I'm sincere, positive and simple man.

In my heart I have enough place for love and happiness.

And I know even more who have used it as a way to meet people before coming on holidays.

Perhaps they’ve heard that the locals say the best way to learn French is from the pillow!

Gleeden, a site for married women looking for extra curricular activities, was not the right slipper for this Cinderella either. Their logic is that divorces with a home and children won’t be putting pressure on them for a home and children.

Which left me with Meetic, the most popular site in France.? Profile uploaded, I was ready to wait, but actually didn’t have wait long. The relationship can start out being just about fun and sex.

Which is how I found myself dating online in Paris.