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I have noticed that after every reboot the permissions of the Pictures folder revert to a read/execute status for "Home Users," and although my log in status has Admin credentials, I cannot save to the folder without a prompt. hello everyone new user here, joining because i starting to use windows10 since like 2days ago eventthough it similar to win7 there lots things to get used to so i browsing my windows/system folder, and then i get notification that "you... This is happens when I'm fresh boot like Shut Down & turn on again/restart the PC. They keep revert back to without my name & access it to Full Control!

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Both of these situations will generate the above error on a mail-enabled public folder.How to check the Public Folder Ownership settings Before we can adjust the Ownership, we need to know how to find out how the ownership is set.That partially fixed things but it still didn't seem to be working 100% so I deleted and recreated the Homegroup to finish the job.I had to tell all my machines to leave the Homegroup, then turn off all machines except the main one in order to create a new Homegroup, then turn all the other machines back on and join that new Homegroup.Even your service account will return the same error. Basically, there are two scenarios that will generate this error.

One is that the Owner set on the public folder is not correct.

I can see Media Devices, Network Infrastructure and Other Devices, but none of my Computers, not even the one I'm working on.

So I assume my whole networking configuration is hosed on that machine.

I solved this so I here's what I did in case someone else has the same question.

To make a long story short it seemed to be related to problems with the Homegroup.

Before we look at the Manage Send As issue, let’s take a look at how an Exchange or Security administrator would adjust the mail-enabled Public Folder Send As Permissions.