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Neither apparently saw each other's faces clearly enough to get a lasting impression.

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While in training together Emily and Aiden developed a relationship that was interrupted when Aiden left to pursue a lead to his sister.There still is a lot about Emily's years spent training under Takeda that remains unknown, but it is revealed during "Trust" that she created a fake history on top of her assumed identity of "Emily Thorne" which stated that she was the daughter of a wealthy American expatriot who left behind a sizable inheritance which she used to travel the world and get academic degrees.She successfully cleared David Clarke's name at the end of season 3, which led to the destruction of the Graysons, however, Amanda has not heard the last of Victoria Grayson.Amanda Clarke was born in the summer of 1984 to David Clarke and Kara Wallace.David Clarke (Father, Deceased) † Kara Wallace (mother)Gordon Murphy (ex-stepfather; deceased) † Meredith Hayward (foster mother) Carl Porter (father-in-law; deceased) † Stevie Grayson (mother-in-law) Conrad Grayson (ex-father-in-law; deceased) †Victoria Grayson (ex-mother-in-law; deceased) † Amanda Porter née Clarke (formerly Emily Grayson and as an alias Emily Thorne) is the main protagonist of Revenge.

Amanda is the daughter of the Clarke family, having lived in the Hamptons in 1992.

Nevertheless, she knew she could not get close enough to her goals as "Amanda Clarke".

Her relationship with Emily later proved very useful when Amanda came back for her and offered her money along with a change of identity.

Blamed for starting the fire, Amanda was sent to juvenile detention for five years.

By age thirteen she was in Allenwood, a maximum security juvenile correctional facility run by Warden Sharon Stiles. At first, the two are very hostile toward each other, but upon Warden Stiles' advice, Amanda decides to befriend Emily into confiding in and trusting her.

While in Allenwood, Warden Stiles looked after and taught Amanda.