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Wing Girl Kim gives a woman's perspective on dating to offer honest and sound dating advice for men.

In other words, quick, useful, excellent read." "Wing Girl Kim came into my restaurant a few months back..was about to put out this ' Alpha Dog' book. So, I scrounge up a few dollars and picked up her book. Not going out and getting laid, leave that to the pick up artists...

It talks about the psychology of relationships and why its important to take your time and really get to know someone.

But its radiocarbon date doesn't match the accepted evolutionary story for dog origins.

The ease with which scientists revised the date of dog divergence from wolf-like ancestry shows that secular dating practices may be much more subjective than their proponents would care to admit.

Although the breed evolved almost entirely through natural selection with little human intervention, its current breed status is still precarious.

one of the most unusual dog breeds, having the mane of a lion, the (unusual black) tongue of a bear and the fur coat of a dowager.

We can learn a lot from dogs — both wild and domestic.

Dogs are not only man's best friends, they are also a source of powerful lessons for our character and our relationships. You can be like a cheetah — speedy — and skillfully pick up women with your charm and wit.

The number of DNA differences they found across living members the dog kind required 15,000 years' worth of mutations at their assumed rate.

Even within the parameters of this single study, the authors had to navigate very different "age" results from complex algorithms used to analyze many dog DNA sequences.

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