Devotions for dating couples by ben young single parent dating laclede idaho

Once you find a partner who has the potential for a true soul mate relationship, then you can start to lay a foundation of spiritual intimacy upon which to build in years to come.

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Our focus is on the basic, foundational aspects of spirituality: the Christian virtues and practices of love, grace, prayer, Bible study, simplicity, forgiveness, community, purity, and living in the power of the Holy Spirit.A significant part of the process of developing a rich, rewarding spiritual life is just a matter of showing up and paying attention. When we make ourselves available to God, to listen to the whisper of His Spirit, or when we put ourselves in positions of solitude and simply allow ourselves to be still and know, we make room for God to be a part of our lives.At the end of each daily devotional there is a place for further meditation on designated portions of Scriptures.The Christian version of meditation is about reflection and focus on a particular topic.Published in Nashville, Tennessee, by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Devotions for dating couples : building a foundation of spiritual intimacy / Ben Young & Sam Adams p. In addition, this devotional is a resource to help serious dating couples (or engaged couples) begin to build a foundation of spiritual intimacy in order to promote the kind of marriage that will last a lifetime.

Unless otherwise noted, Scripture quotations are from the HOLY BIBLE: NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION®. Scripture quotations noted KJV are from the KING JAMES VERSION. We are convinced that the essence of a true soul mate relationship is that of deep spiritual connection.

S 248.8'4—dc21 2001054382 ave you ever stopped to consider how much time, energy, and emotion you spend on your outer self, the externals of life? The overwhelming majority of your life is spent on the externals—making money, eating, exercising, entertaining, shopping, sleeping, and so on.

A true soul mate relationship can be attained only when there are a solid level of spiritual compatibility and a mutual agreement that the marriage centers on a relationship with God.

Only when we take out the distractions of our chaotic lives do we allow God to participate in transforming our lives and relationships into all He intended them to be.

This devotional is designed to be used daily for nine weeks.

It is not necessarily intended for couples who are casually dating or in the early stages of a relationship.