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This is important as this will greatly boost your conversion rates for the products and service you are providing as you will have the right kind of customer.Also the constant traffic we channel to your website will do a lot in lifting the ranking of your website giving it even more exposure in Google searches. Our traffic network generates 1 Million unique visitors daily. I ordered 30,000 visitors from Traffic Ads Net and got what I paid for finally.CPC has nothing to do directly with your traffic, if you would realize and noticed micro-niche blogs, you might have realized despite of less traffic such sites make more money from Adsense.

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Try to block those categories which are completely irrelevant to the content or niche of your blog.

Suppose blog is about Technology then block the ad categories for Dating, Politics, Religion etc. Platform Your blogs are read from different platforms like desktop, laptop, mobile etc.

If you are a Blogger and Adsense is your prime source of revenue, you can’t afford to ignore the importance of Adsense optimization.

When we talk about Adsense optimization, there are many things, but the main target is to get high e CPM and get more Cost per click.

Remember you should always directly engage with your readers.

Your content must be tailored according to your niche so that more and more readers can read your blogs. When you do a Keyword research, make sure to use Approximate CPC column.

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Although CPC is generally not much affected by the platforms on which ads are shown but you should try your best to target as many as readers.