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Some of these were exact knockoffs of the circuit, and others featured some interesting and unique modifications.

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Feedback resistors were low 220k to 270k, values very uncommon in real Big Muffs.Many of the other resistor values were uncommon as well.Bob Garcia, Jordan's chief engineer may have also been involved.The pedal is very rare, and was possibly the very first clone of the Big Muff.It was housed in a large die cast aluminum foot pedal enclosure that resembled a wah pedal.

In fact, Jordan used the same Mexican made enclosure for their Gig Wa-Wa pedal just prior to the Creator. The pedal featured Tone and sustain knobs on the side, a foot pedal to control the volume, and a bypass switch under the heel of the foot treadle.

The feedback/filter caps in the two gain stages varied from 500p F to 560p F, just like the real triangle Big Muffs.

The low pass filter at the input stage was removed, as was done on some early Big Muffs.

Supposedly one of the employees of Jordan brought in a Big Muff Pi and everyone in the shop loved it.

George Cole made some modifications to the component values and the Creator Volume Sustainer (model #6000) was born.

The input, coupling , and clipping caps were all common .1u F. (Thanks to Chris Martin for photos and Kurt for additional information, and Edkoppel for alerting me to one on ebay).