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Tradition associates this Moriah with the mountain Abraham sacrificed his son Isaac on, though God interrupted and provided a ram instead.This, however, is debated by scholars and historians.

Through Jerusalem history this was one of the most notorious and dangerous roads.Jericho lay to the east of Jerusalem, one of the lowest points on earth.This valley clearly defined the Eastern and Western Ridges from each other.It, too, ran into the Hinnom valley in the south, and provided the western border for the eastern ridge, running parallel to the Kidron, as mentioned above. It is likely the Kidron was 150 - 200 feet below the city, though the valley has been filled with debris over the course of the history of Jerusalem.It was, thus, a favorite of bandits and thieves throughout antiquity.

The Central Ridge Route was the main artery of traffic in the region, passing directly through ancient Jerusalem.

It was over this valley Christ would often gaze on Jerusalem and the Temple Mount from the slopes of the Mount of Olives in the New Testament.

Between the two ridges another valley ran, the Tyropoeon Valley, mentioned above.

The early history of Jerusalem included struggles with ancient Shechem for control of the central hill country.

The two cities would be rivals throughout much of history.

The southwestern hill became known as the Upper City.