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Buster is wise to Plucky, but will sometimes play along just to turn the tables.

He has also bested Montana Max three times as The Toxic Revenger, has helped Buster and Babs thwart Monty in "Citizen Max", and in "The Acme Bowl", he has helped Acme Looniversity win the football game against Perfecto Prep by serving as a double agent.He has also shown that he does know when his ego goes too far in "A Quack in the Quarks".He's insanely jealous, both of Buster's coolness and of Monty's bank account.Plucky thinks he's just as smart as Buster, or even smarter, but while Buster wins out in every situation, Plucky inevitably screws up."We know you'll take good care of school property." "Buzz off, Granny!

" This page has been locked to prevent unwanted edits.He is jealous, excitable, miserable, a kaleidoscopic way, without a beat between conflicting emotions.Plucky envisions himself as a crusader for what's good; that is, what's good for Plucky Duck.Plucky lives with his parents in a small wooden home in the middle of a swamp near Acme Looniversity.He has many relatives and neighbors, including a pair of female ducks named Gladys and Gracie, alligators and other animals that live in or near the swamp.He always has an angle; always has a scheme to dodge work or responsibility.