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If the actors are funny, the audience will laugh, and the actors should continue showing expression until the laughter is over, and then say the next line. Greetings and Salivations to all you Lords, Ladies and (gesture up) the Babbling Rabble in the Rafters!

The DAMSELS do not like each other so they should show jealousy or make faces at each other.

(CINDERELLA holds up a foot, hopping.) HOST - A bit of artistic license there by the Brothers Grimm .

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(CINDERELLA ENTERS and dances in swirls) Look at that grace and elegance! This lovely lady loves to dance, especially ballroom dancing... (calling offstage from whence the Prince entered) Goodness! Well just set the chains over here (puts them to the side) Now wait over here , my good prince, so you do not see our lovely damsels. OR The PRINCE can sit downstage, and the DAMSELS upstage, behind him. ) Thank you Johnny-OBanter and his motley orchestra of indentured minstrels. This capable girl can set the table and cook up a meal for 7 hungry mouths plus herself!

The PRINCE may not turn around to see them behind him. (MUSIC Louder for a moment, then back to normal) I am your Host: Rumplestiltskin ( or Witch Warty-Nose). She has known a lot of very short men and would love to date a fellow she can look up to.

The PRINCE can wear a big prince hat that would block his side view. If this is your first time watching The Damsel Game let me explain how it works. (SNOW WHITE ENTERS with a little (art store) fake bird on her finger, smiling and waving) Her lovely voice is often heard singing with the birds she loves.

To prevent the Prince from blocking the view of the Damsels, the Prince should sit on a lower chair than the Damsels, or the Damsels should stand behind him, instead of sit. On this show three charming young damsels will be interviewed by one lonely handsome prince who is not allowed to see them until after he has chosen one to be his Dream Date.

HOST (flipping through cards) - Rapunzel, Rapunzel, wherefore art thou Rapunzel .

(looks to audience ) CINDERELLA & SNOW WHITE - Rapunzel!

CINDERELLA curtseys.) HOST - Have a seat, Cinderella our Damsel Number Two!