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To let people know what has arisen from what happened.

At its heart is a cafe area seating 36 with table football, pool tables and a plasma screen TV.Along one wall is a bank of computers arranged as an internet suite."He was amazed when he saw the new centre and can’t wait to get out there and use it."This is what the opening ceremony has been all about.His dad, Steven Birnie, said his son loved the new centre.

"My son was shot twice but was lucky enough to survive. He’s 14 now and like any other kid of his age he loves sport," Birnie said.And despite his enormous personal loss, he insisted the centre was not a memorial to the dead but a place of joy for the living.Despite that brave message, the dead have been immortalised in the fabric of the glass-and-brick structure."It is wonderful that for all those donations that flooded in from around the world eight years ago there is now something tangible to show for it. "Matthew was overwhelmed by it and is just looking forward to thrashing his dad at badminton." The centre was built from funds supplied by the trusts set up to monitor and spend the millions of pounds that flowed into the area following the murders.The killings sparked a global wave of sympathy with most of the money distributed to those directly affected by the tragedy."This is the final thing that many people in the town have been waiting for to allow us to move on," said Beverley Birnie.