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My parents, for example, have been married for 26 years and never went out on a pre-marital date.

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend would not be a waste of time if the title held more importance.

Recent generations take what I like to call the “Forrest Gump Approach”.

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” In today’s society the process of dating is the prevalent means to find a mate.However, there used to be a time where there was no such thing as a boyfriend or girlfriend and “dating” was frowned upon.Betrothal is different than worldly engagement though; there is still NO SEX during the betrothal period, and the betrothal cannot be broken off like an engagement.Betrothal is a promise between God and the couples just like marriage is.The titles should definitely have more meaning once you reach adulthood, because with the title comes expectations of long term commitment.

That realization made me understand why my mother, who is of the formal courtship era, referred to my now husband as my “friend” the entire seven years that we dated.It is a sexually abstinent friendship that through the courting process bonds two people together while they both grow and learn to honor, respect, and love each other.Betrothal is almost like being married; both partners KNOW they will get married, but for sound reasons, maybe financial, or being too young, they are betrothed (engaged) until they finally get married.Do you know what a BIG load that is off the young girls emotions?For several generations young girls have been encouraged by society, peers, and culture to experiment with a variety of romantic partners before marriage.In the end, you would be wasting your own time if you kept committing yourself to people who simply are not relationship material." - Simon Waugh Guess what Simon - This is how we court in Islam. After filtering prospects and after filtering some more. Years back, I could never articulate myself fully when it came to the discourse in test driving women vs courting them.