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"I'm sorry, Carlisle." "There's nothing to be sorry for, Jade.But don't keep something like this from me again." She nodded and rested her head back on my chest.

He set me down on the desk and turned to get something. I put my hand on the towel to stanch the flow of blood."Keep pressure on those." His voice was stern and I didn't really like it. Carlisle took a few more minutes before coming back over to me.My nightmares still haunted me, but the panic attacks haven't happened again and I was thankful for that. It's all right." Carlisle had admitted the day after we first kissed that he watched over me at night which I found extremely creepy, but he was really protective so I didn't say anything against it.Charlie was suspicious of something going on between Carlisle and I, but he hasn't caught on yet. I felt his hands take mine and he sat beside me on the bed.Dad had his uniform on and his hand raised to knock again. I went to my dresser and pulled open the drawer with the knives.

I grabbed a dirty towel from the hamper and held it under my arm. " Carlisle walked towards me, his gaze hardening into slight anger. "Give me your arm." "Carlisle-" "Jade, give me your arm.

He set down a bowl, white gauze, and needle and thread. He wiped away the blood and stopped the bleeding as much as he could. " "Out hunting." The tone of his voice didn't scare me as much as his silence did.

He pressed down on one of the cuts and I hissed, clenching my hand into a fist. He removed the towel completely, placing it in the fireplace that was positioned in the back of the room.

The knife dropped to the floor and blood ran from the cuts.

"Jade...." I saw his eyes darken momentarily before he wrapped my arm back up. " "My house." It was a few more minutes before he finally stopped in front of a house that was mostly giant windows.

I leaned my head against his chest and inhaled his scent.