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Just because you went on a (as in ‘singular’) date with someone does not mean they are the person you are going to marry. September: Friendships We are currently accepting and publishing submissions on all topics. And if they think you are their future spouse as the result of one date, run away—quickly.

She tweets at @Modern Reject and has a pretty some pretty blunt (and much needed) advice on dating. The topic of “singledom” is always a hot one, especially in Christian circles.

– Lauren Recently, a few girls I know in their twenties wanted to talk with me about “being single.” They asked me an array of questions like, “Why do I need to be single? I’d like to hone in on one particular facet of the single Christian life: Dating.

Dating, also, does not inevitably lead to marriage. May: What No One Told Me About Marriage June: Body Image & Beauty July: Let's Talk About Sex Some More August: From The Men: What They Want, Need & Love September: Making The Most Of Being Single October: Dating: Mistakes I Made November: Pornography December: What I Learned In 2011 January: Emotions: What Do I Do With Them?

Many people refuse to get a cup of coffee with someone of the opposite sex for fear that sipping a caffeinated beverage is a precursor to chapel bells and flower girls. February: Your Dating & Valentines Day Stories March: Open Letters From Men To Women April: Boundaries May: Rape & Unwanted Sex June: The Working Woman July: Ask A Married Woman August: All Hot Topics!

They are meant to help you to better understand and know each other.

If the conversation starts to go in a negative direction, stop and start again.– When making decisions, do you put more trust in facts or in feelings? • What do you consider to be your greatest strengths? – What is usually the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about God?• What would you most like people to remember you for after you die?– If you could have witnessed any biblical event, which one would you choose? – Which strengths in your life bring you the greatest satisfaction? – What is one of the most adventurous things you’ve ever done? – What are five essential values we want our children to embrace above all others? (To obtain more questions you’ll need to obtain the book —which we recommend!• What can we do as a couple to change the world in which we live? ) And/or you may want to obtain the book 201 Great Questions for Married Couples. – If you could live in any other time period, past or future, what period would you choose? • What movie or television program have you seen in the last year that you wish all your friends could see?I mean, I don’t know many Christians who actually enjoy dating. Go to parties, hang out with friends in group settings, get to know other single people.