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Some information that you specifically may want to withhold is: full name, place of employment, phone number, street address, credit card numbers, social security numbers, etc.Chat rooms are a live environment, once you send something; you cannot take it back or delete it.There are many scams targeting people trying to get a cyber session do not give any one your credit card number!

Be careful of people asking for email, messenger IDs, phone numbers, or any other personal information these people may be getting your information to sell to spammers.Some people who ask you to add them on an instant messenger will only add you to ask you to go to their ‘live cam’ page or to visit their pay-per minute site.They will most likely sell your information and you will soon be flooded with spam.If you want to stay in contact with some of the people you meet in the chat room you may want to think about creating an email address so that your main email address does not receive the possible spam.Never accept files or downloads from people you don’t know or from people you do know, if you weren‘t expecting them. Placing images of yourself or your friends and family members online is unwise.

Aside from the potential for someone to place a face to a name, or use objects in the background to discern more about you, or places you may be, there is the possibility that the images could be used unscrupulously.

If anyone tries to solicit you to engage in another sex chat site, or another commercial web site, or try to get you send money or credit card information, send a private message to one of the moderators if they are in the room and let them know.

We don’t want our users to get scammed, spammed, or solicited for commercial anything in our free chat rooms, so help us help you, and help others, by reporting any of that activity.

Some participants may decide they would like to meet one of these acquaintances, friends, or relationships in person.

Should you decide you must do so it is advisable that you do this in a public place, and that you bring a friend with you.

We suggest that you not click on the links in the lobby unless it is to the sites permitted by the rules.