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The experiment of post divorce dating is not so much to find men, as it is to find and make peace with yourself.

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The book gave me the courage to make the necessary change and become single again.

Now, I understand the source of my exhaustion, and why I'm repeating my old patterns post divorce.

By Michele Germain, LCSWWhen their parents date, it creates anxiety in children and teens.

The changes and losses they have gone through often cause them to feel jealous and insecure.

Not only do you have to worry about how to arrange everything, you also have to deal with how your children will react to the fact that you are dating.

Below you will find some suggestions on how to ease their anxiety.

But it is important to understand that they are struggling with two main feelings.

First, children hold a fantasy that their parents will be reunited so they do not want their other parent replaced.

I know the pitfalls to watch out for, and what to expect.

I am so grateful for the wisdom provided in this book.

The following article on dating tips for divorced moms discusses how to handle some of the common issues that often come up when dating after divorce.