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You can queue for a ticket to visit the skybridge but you do not really need to - the best place to admire the construction is at ground level from a spot in the adjoining park known as KLCC.A trip to the Twin Towers could include visiting the giant shopping mall (Suria KLCC) at the foot of the towers, the Petrosains museum, Aquaria (an impressive oceanarium) or even a concert at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra. Menara Kuala Lumpur - KL Tower Another massive structure is the KL Tower, a 421m high telecommunications and broadcasting tower and one of the world's tallest.People's tastes and interests vary so you may not agree with all of the top KL attractions on this list but hopefully there is something for everyone.

Foreign tourists and photographers are frequent visitors too. Royal Museum - National Palace The former official residence of the King and Queen of Malaysia has now ben converted into a museum where visitors can tour the official reception rooms and private apartments of the royal family.There is no changing of the guard here anymore (that takes place outside the new palace) but this museum remains one of the top KL attractions.The values were then averaged, and compared with 51 cities worldwide.Kuala Lumpur ranked second in the Getting Settled Index, with respondents highlighting that the city was easy to live in, with widespread English communication. A poor local economy, and quality of life have landed Africa’s most populous city at the bottom of the table.At the top was surprisingly Bahrain’s capital, Manama – with survey respondents citing it not only an easy place to live, with equally widespread English, but also calling it a good workplace in terms of finances, work-life balance and career growth. Earlier this year, the same organization issued their Expat Insider 2017 Survey, with Malaysia experiencing the biggest jump on their rankings of best place to live as an expat.

Last year’s ranking of 38 this year, in the entire world.What are the most popular things to do and places to see?Here is my suggested list of the Top 10 best tourist sights in the city.asked that respondents give both emotional and factual aspects equal weight when answering.The four topical indices were: Quality of Urban Living, Getting Settled, Urban Work Life, and Finance & Housing.– the greatest gosh-darn city to live in the world, Kuala Lumpur has cracked the upper echelons and been voted fourth best city to live in the whole wide world.