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That said, the rear camera's installation is complicated, and this is one of the most expensive dash cams on the market.

But when you consider that it's protecting your bottom line, it's an easy investment decision. While it's not the most affordable dash cam that we reviewed, the dual-camera rear mirror design is packed full of features that are more comparable to high-end dash cams than to those that cost half as much.

And if you manage a fleet of vehicles, it allows you to better track and evaluate your drivers via the GPS and Wi-Fi features.

However, if you're a professional driver, you should view a camera of this caliber as a necessary investment.

It comes with Wi-Fi for better tracking of videos and GPS information on your smartphone.

The dash cam records on a continuous loop to save storage space and ensure you don't miss a thing. Top Ten Reviews has covered dash cams since 2015, but we've covered a wide range of car tech for over a decade.

I've been testing and reviewing car tech such as Bluetooth car kits, car audio, backup cameras, radar detectors and more since 2013.

I'm a regular road tripper who spends a lot of time behind the wheel.

Whenever I review car tech like dash cams, I emphasize technology designed to make you into a better, more aware driver.

We looked at the most popular dash cams on the market to find the best dash cam for your situation.

Since dash cams can range between and 0, it's important that you prioritize features that meet your needs so that you don't overpay or underpay.

If you're in a collision, it automatically saves the footage.

While dash cams started out as an objective witness to an accident or traffic stop, they've also evolved into tools for improving driver awareness.

With dual HD cameras recording in front and behind your vehicle, and motion detectors for when you're parked, it protects your livelihood better than other dash cams.